Congratulating 2021 Miami Graduates

July 12, 2021

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Here at USI, we congratulate all our 2021 graduates from both high school and college. Celebrate with these featured USI Miami graduates.

As the 2020-2021 school year ends, we celebrate our students in ALL our communities across the nation for enduring such an unprecedented and challenging year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A special thanks go out to all the parents and support systems who also have endured through this grueling year.

In the Northpark at Scott Carver neighborhood, a USI Miami community, we are celebrating the success of three students as they graduate high school and college.

Eunique: Live Life to the Fullest

Meet Eunique. She is a senior from Miami Northwestern. She will be attending Alabama State in the Fall to major in Criminal Justice and minor in Juvenile Justice. She hopes to become a correctional officer in a juvenile detention center upon graduation or even a child and family lawyer!

Although she is excited to be done with this part of her journey, she is also afraid to enter adulthood. We commend her for taking this courageous step into adulthood despite the fear and pursuing her dreams.

“I’ve learned to not be complacent in life: do everything and figure out what you like most. Experience and witness everything to prepare for anything.” – Eunique, USI Miami high school graduate

She advises students to follow these wise words and take advantage of every opportunity given in high school, especially free testing for ACT/SAT.

Antwan: Don’t Give Up

Antwan is graduating from Champagnat Catholic School and will be attending Missouri Valley College in the Fall. He is proud of this moment.

“I’ve accomplished a goal I set for myself, and I’ve made my family very proud.” – Antwan, USI Miami high school graduate

Throughout high school, he learned resilience and perseverance. To “push through and don’t give up.” He also advises students to remember the reason and purpose for accomplishing their goals to endure until the end.

Rachel: Making a Difference

Rachel Javier volunteered and worked with Urban Strategies, Inc. in her NorthPark at Scott Carver neighborhood, developing initiatives for youth, seniors, and disabled people throughout her school career. However, she was uncertain about college after graduating high school. Luckily, a USI mentor pushed her to attend the Miami Dade College. Rachel quickly applied and began pursuing her Associate Degree.

“I would like to continue exploring career options that will enable me to make a difference in the lives of children.” – Rachel, USI Miami college graduate

Facing the Future Head-On for Miami Students

Like Rachel, many young people are uncertain about their career paths and often lack access to college and career services. For the NorthPark Community, Census tract data indicates that 5.4% of residents have attained an Associate Degree. The collaborative efforts of USI, its partners, and residents contributed to successful outcomes for cradle-to-career strategies for scholars in her community.

We commend and celebrate each of our USI graduates and cannot wait to see their continued success. This year has been far from easy, and we salute all the hard work and perseverance through this unprecedented time.

About the Author:  Domynique Herdnon is the USI Miami Education Specialist who writes the Northpark at Scott Carver newsletters every month. This blog post was originally featured in the June 2021 newsletter.

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